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What is the difference between a loan and PreSettlement Cash Advance?

Any situation that puts you in a position where emergency funding becomes a necessity can be stressful and foreboding. Along with the heaps of mounting expenses that loom on your immediate horizon, also lies the added spectre of a sizable loan which ultimately must be paid back — regardless of the case outcome. (That means high interest rates piled on top as well.) Under such circumstances, the loan – sought initially as a means of temporary salvation — can wind up as much an albatross hanging around your neck as the accident itself.

If your case drags on, as many of them do, it becomes one more liability in an ongoing ordeal. Emergency funding is supposed to provide you with the means of fending off your debts, not adding more to an already sizable list.

A presettlement cash advance functions in an entirely different way than loans  – and all to your advantage. There is no payback, as with a loan. Presettlement companies are compensated in ways that are designed to improve your situation, not hamper it. Here are some of the striking differences between taking out a loan and applying for an emergency cash advance:

A loan first requires credit checks and a determination whether you have the resources to engage in a repayment process … which will include significant interest charges because that’s how banks and credit unions profit from the loans they provide. So, in essence, what you have acquired is a glorified credit card – good for the present in handling the wave of bills crashing down on you – but then, later on, you may get caught in an undertow of repayment & finance currents that can wind up drowning you. Not exactly the “solution” you were seeking. The purpose of emergency funding is to help get you out of that abrupt financial crisis caused by an untimely accident – not to land you in a deeper pit of debt.

A presettlement cash advance is the kind of rescue force you’ll want to enlist in such situations. And a rather noteworthy factor, right off to bat, is that there are no credit checks to determine whether you are a safe bet or not. It is the predetermined strength of your case that is weighed when evaluating whether you receive those vital funds or not. Police reports, medical & insurance analysis, and a thorough conference with your attorney is the mode of operation conducted by a reputable presettlement firm. These are the crucial factors being weighed when the question at hand is eligibility for an emergency cash advance.

And there is no painstaking waiting period. If the firm you have contacted is up to speed, literally, then you’ll have those much-needed funds in your hands within 24hours!  This, of course, is contingent upon the perceived strength of your case.
If the company’s research – police reports, medical records, insurance claims, your attorney’s input – indicates you have a clear chance of winning and receiving a generous settlement, then the advance funding is yours practically on the spot …Yours to use as a monetary barricade against an onslaught of bills that might otherwise have buried you.

Get cash nowThis money is yours to keep – win or lose. If the presettlement firm errs in its judgment and you do not win or receive the type of settlement expected, it is their loss to absorb, not yours. That is the chosen risk all presettlement firms take in entering this sort of business. They must count on a sure thing. But if their personnel know their business, as they should, the company’s winning record speaks for itself. In purchasing a portion of your future settlement, a successful firm follows the mantra of  Sun Tzu and the Art Of War: “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” Otherwise they will suffer loss after loss while “donating” funds to clients engaging in losing cases.

A successful company can ill afford such blundering, so check their record first. If you see a trend of consistent settlements in their favor, then you know you’re with the right firm – that your decision to go with presettlement funding over a bank or credit loan is a wise one – and that you have already chosen a course of action that guards you against further financial woes. With an emergency cash advance, you not only have found a means of staving off a rush of overwhelming bills, you have also chosen peace of mind as your case proceeds because there is absolutely nothing to pay back.

You simply sit back, use the emergency funds to pay your bills, and let the professionals take care of the rest.

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Talking to your attorney about lawsuit financing

Your attorney should be among the very first of those you contact when dealing with an accident or any sort of situation where legalities are involved. Whether it’s a car collision, a severe fall, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation … you never want to proceed without benefit of legal consultation. And if a presettlement cash advance is tentatively on your agenda, it is imperative that you first inform your attorney of your intentions — and that you insist on direct communication with the company on both your parts. This way, neither you, nor your attorney wind up being surprised by actions taken without a knowledgeable discussion that involves all of you.

LawyerThe questions posed by your attorney to a presettlement firm’s representative will likely vary from the ones you ask. Yours will be in accordance with your immediate financial needs, how the company can help you in dealing with them, and what will be expected of you should you opt to go with an emergency cash advance; your attorney will probe for explanations and answers regarding your personal liability should you enlist the services of the presettlement group. And that is precisely what you want! You and your attorney will both be pleased to learn the overwhelming advantage of going the route of an emergency cash advance, as all risks fall entirely on the company that makes those funds available. You both will learn that the only one risking a potential loss is the presttlement firm because there is no payback of the advance, and no payment at all to them if you don’t win your case. With that in mind, you have the instant cash awarded to you for the purpose of avoiding what could have been a financial crisis – and your attorney can then get on with the business of addressing the complexities of your case.

The advantages of emergency cash advances from presettlement firms do not stop with your own expenses though. Those same advantages can be afforded your attorney. Litigation packs a full compliment of expenses in itself …some of them unforeseen. Successful attorneys make an excellent living for themselves, but even they are not endowed with a boundless source of income. The financial demands of a very serious case can stretch any law firm thin and that can compromise the outcome.

No one – plaintiff or attorney – wants to be forced into taking a far lesser settlement (or even an unexpected loss) due to time or financial demands Cash flowtranscending your ability to pursue the case properly. Often, a bundle of costs can emerge: the need for important expert witnesses, further research, key consultants — any of these abrupt factors capable of blindsiding your legal proceedings and threatening the outcome of the case.

In such instances, attorneys, too, may apply for an immediate cash advance and be awarded one that will prove to be a godsend. And, as with the emergency funds provided to the plaintiff by the presettlement firm, this same type of cash advance is your attorney’s to use for the case … free of the pressure of payback. You and your attorney must record a victory in order for the presettlement company to collect its eventual payment – which comes in the form of its purchasing a predetermined percentage of your winnings. And the most significant factor of all is that neither you, nor your attorney, are wanting for money as your case goes through the legal arena.  You are a comfortable spectator, watching your attorney function as a fully equipped soldier on your behalf.

The only one sweating is the presettlement firm taking all the financial risk … though that likely won’t be much of a concern if its staff has done its job by effectively analyzing your case from the onset. A credible and reputable firm does exactly that.

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What should I look for when applying to PreSetttlement funding?

Financial Life Saver

As with anything else, it’s imperative that you understand clearly what is meant by presettlement funding. This way you’ll know how to determine whether you’re dealing with a legitimate company or a fraud. It’s difficult enough being in a situation where the need for emergency cash is urgent and mandatory … You don’t want to compound matters by falling deeper into a financial pit due to being rushed into a flawed course of action. Be sure the action of your choice is indeed the solution you’re seeking. Here’s some criterion for making that judgment:

1)      Are you having difficulty making initial contact with company personnel who can address your immediate concerns?

Is an informed representative easily accessible – or are you dealing with frustrating auto-prompts that refer you to a chain of ongoing extensions that only wear you down.

2)      Once you are speaking with an actual company representative, is it the right person … or are you constantly being referred to “someone else who can help?”

And is the person on the other end of the line courteous, aware that your situation is a stressful one, and showing sympathy to your plight? Does this person put you at ease and explain the company’s mode of operation in terms that are easy to follow? Are the questions you pose addressed completely and to your satisfaction? And finally, after hanging up, do you feel a sense of trust in the person who took your call? Was this representative informative and able to provide you with an immediate degree of comfort? Do not underestimate the strength of your own judgment when weighing these questions. Initial impressions are often right on the mark.

3)      A major advantage to pre-settlement funding is the understanding that you are not liable for paying back your emergency cash award if ultimately you lose the suit.

Unlike a loan, where repayment (with strong interest fees) is mandatory, a pre settlement cash advance is money awarded to you based entirely on the perceived strength of your particular case. A bona fide company will not take on a case that appears destined for defeat. It not only shows poor analysis and poor judgment on the company’s part – it’s bad business. Payments to presettlement firms are contingent upon victory. They don’t get paid unless you do. So before you assign a company to handle your case, be certain their representatives and documents have assured you that the money you’ve been awarded is legitimate emergency funding: yours to use as you see fit in managing the flood of bills that accompanies accidents. It is not a loan to be paid back, win or lose. A credible pre-settlement firm analyzes your case concisely and expertly, and then grants you those emergency funds regardless of the court results that follow. There is no required payback! The pre-settlement firm is paid by purchasing a percentage of your winning settlement, receiving it only once those funds are available. If you lose your case, you keep the initial funding granted to you. The presettlement firm suffers the financial loss. Your only risk is in the selection of the company taking on your case. Ask yourself if communications with its personnel covered everything thoroughly. If not, move on to a different company. Once you find one that answers all questions to your satisfaction and puts your mind at ease, then check their records to see if you’ve picked a winner!

4)      Be certain that the presettlement firm you’re considering insists you have legal representation so liability is entirely clear on your case.

This alone speaks volumes on the credibility of the one you plan on using. A company interested in handling your case will demonstrate that it has your best interests in mind by also engaging your attorney in the process. A presettlement firm should have absolutely nothing to hide and, by involving your attorney from the onset, it will be clear to you that this particular one has no problem opening itself to scrutiny and accountability. Once you and your attorney have come to an educated decision on which presettlement firm to employ, the emergency funding you will need should be a mere 24 hours away. And with that comes the peace of mind of having made a correct choice in what otherwise could have been a stressful ordeal. Making that right selection will restore your sense of financial stability and bring harmony back into your life.

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Hurt on the Job?

On-the-job injuries present a whole different set of circumstances and complications, particularly because the question of workman’s compensation does not always contain a clear-cut answer. There are reports to be filed, forms to be filled out, witnesses possibly called upon to testify. And it is essential that your employer is made instantly aware of the conditions that contributed to your injury – and that your attorney is fully informed right away as well. This must all be done immediately, else the likely question posed will be, “Why did you wait so long?”

'Accident Injury Attorneys San Luis Obispo California' photo (c) 2013, Injury Lawyers San Luis Obispo - license:

An onslaught of bills can mount at a frightening pace, especially if you’re missing work for an extended period of time — due to your untimely injuries – and it may be a while before your case can be heard. Expenses, however, will not relent. Mortgage, rent, power, phone, heat, car payments … these never take time off; nor will the financial flood of other monetary demands raining down on you. Those onetime routine monthly payments will no longer feel routine and will become quite intimidating without a compatible income to fend them off. And a fat savings account (earmarked “Rainy Day”) loses weight rather quickly under such conditions. That Rainy Day has finally come and an umbrella riddled with holes can leave you drenched in debt.

A credible presettlement company will plug those gaping holes in your income and leave you in a far more stable position — comfortable enough to take on the brewing storm of bills on the horizon. So your next step – after all reports have been filed with your employer and the appropriate forms completed — making sure your attorney is also fully informed of the incident – is to seek out and contact that credible presettlement firm.

A single, sensible objective looms before you at this point: finding a company that can figuratively (and literally) serve as your personal cavalry to pull off a gallant rescue. With the pressure and stress that accompanies accidents and debilitating injuries, you will want to avoid what could very likely wind up as a brutal battle with bill collectors. Enough is already on your plate. Dealing with an on-the-job injury, the pain and stress that accompanies it, and the mountain of red tape that naturally follows, already makes for an overwhelming and time consuming task. The added trauma of a fragile financial situation need not follow.
'Teddy Bear Hospital' photo (c) 2013, Christiaan Triebert - license:
Make the call and learn from a courteous, informed representative of a legitimate presettlement company that you are indeed on the right track. A thorough discussion with the representative will explain succinctly and clearly how a presettlement cash advance will stem the tide of advancing bills, and afford you the peace of mind you will need in order to temper a negative situation that should not be a part of your life.

Your period of worry can end before it has a chance to even start with our workers’ compensation loans.


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Legal Funding is a Viable and Effective Solution

PreSettlement Solutions is a company that provides emergency funding for people who are struggling financially and forced into contending with the pressure off expenses they had not anticipated. This situation may be due, in part, to our current nationwide economic situation – or simply from bills that are piling up at a pace faster than household incomes can match.

Regardless of the cause, the bills are relentless. Lawsuit loans can offer a credible way out.

Auto accident cases are some of the most trying lawsuits to endure. Generally, a plaintiff has been injured and cannot retain employment. This results in a combination of mounting financial and emotional stress. In many cases, the plaintiff is a victim of someone else’s reckless behavior and winds up suffering from medical problems that impair the ability to hold down a steady job. In the meantime, bills continue to pour in while impatient creditors continue to call, demanding payment. Few people know there is a viable way out of this sad dilemma. PreSettlement Solutions offers such a way out to our clients.

Usually, however, our clients come to us after experiencing the futility of other options.

Obtaining a loan from family or friends can be a very difficult and awkward situation which most people prefer to avoid. Acquiring a line of credit from a bank can be extremely difficult and frustrating if the potential borrower lacks a solid credit score. When shaky options such as these have all been exhausted, our potential clients then approach us. That’s when they discover that PreSettlement Solutions should have been their first choice. Here’s why:

Our services allow people to stay in the comfort of their homes and remain afloat while their cases are being settled. And PreSettlement Solutions awards its clients cash advances that are uncomplicated and simple to process. Apply now using the easy form to the right for your legal loan.

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More Reasons to Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding

A prominent objective of legal proceedings, where a pending settlement is concerned, is to be awarded as generous an amount possible. Rather than settling early — and for a far lesser amount due to monetary pressure — our services provide you with a financial buffer.

An emergency cash advance grants your attorney ample time to maximize your settlement! This sort of funding allows you the luxury of carrying on with your day-to-day life, minus the stress that accompanies too many bills and not enough income to deal with them. Give us a call and learn how you can avoid that kind of pitfall while your case is being settled in court.

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Injured in an Accident and Need Money NOW?

If an accident leaves you out of work for an extended period of time, we understand the bills won’t stop piling up. Nothing is more stressful than coping with an avalanche of financial demands and the nagging phone calls from pesky creditors that accompany them … especially with no money coming in. But this is an area in which we specialize!

While your court case is being analyzed and weighed by the legal system, we can provide you with the funds you’ll need to stay afloat. With our assistance you can catch up on your bills and enjoy peace of mind until your case finally settles.


Give PreSettlement Solutions a call today and discover what we can do for you.

(855) 4-PSS-NOW


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Pre-Settlement Funding for Attorneys

Attorneys also need extra cash during court proceedings. Expenses accumulate rapidly, especially when hiring expert witnesses and consultants. If you’re low on funding but feel an expert witness or a consultant may help your case, we can be of service to you there as well. A lack of finances should never be the downfall of your case! We provide litigation funding to maximize your success.

PreSettlement Solutions can provide the means for attorneys to maximize their opportunities without being overly concerned about lawsuit funding. Give us a call and learn more about this unique advantage we offer.


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How Much Can I Get?

There is no predetermined maximum or minimum amount for a lawsuit cash advance. At PreSettlement Solutions, we assess the needs of our clients and measure that in accordance with the strength of the case in question. A client’s financial needs can range from basic cost-of-living expense to more extensive loan obligations. We cater to whatever demands our clients have to meet. The strength of a particular case determines the amount we will advance. Call PreSettlement Solutions today so we can begin addressing your needs, no matter if it’s a workers’ comp loan or litigation funding.

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How will a Cash Advance from PSS Benefit Me?

A cash advance award can help you pay off the onslaught of bills that follows a costly accident and threatens to swamp you financially. Standard expenses like rent or mortgages, power bills and phone payments — or even just keeping your gas tank full during these times of price hikes — will not turn into unmanageable problems for you.

PreSettlement Solutions will help restore and maintain a financial balance in your life … while your attorney contends with all the stressful legal proceedings. You will sleep better knowing you won’t have to worry about your bank account.

Read more about Settlement Funding & Cash Advances.

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