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The most simple means of contacting us is to call directly. Our communications system is different from most companies. Many of them use automated phone menus which involve a series of frustrating connections before you ultimately wind up with someone who can actually help you. And by that time you may well have forgotten the purpose of your call!

At PreSettlement Solutions, we answer the phone directly and address your concerns immediately. There is no waiting period. Our goal is to help you by offering clear and sensible choices that will send you in the right direction. Call us now and relieve yourself of a financial strain you do not deserve. You’ll be glad you did! (855) 4-PSS-NOW !


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Bad Credit? Filed for Bankruptcy? Doesn’t Matter!

We understand it’s possible that your credit record may not be an impressive one. But approval for a PreSettlement Solutions Lawsuit Loan is not based on credit history. It is based on the facts involving your specific case.

A client’s past financial difficulties have no bearing at all on our decision making.

Our function is to provide victims of untimely mishaps with a means of restoring financial stability into their lives. And we excel at doing just that! With the assistance of our amiable customer service department, you could very well see a cash advance in your hands within 24 hours!

Give us a chance to help bring a state of equilibrium and comfort into your life during the trying period of complex legal proceedings. If you call today, we can get started!


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Factors for Determining a Lawsuit Cash Advance

A number of important aspects are considered when determining if we will award a lawsuit cash advance. The process is a thorough but relatively simple one and there are key factors involved in assessing the strength of each case.

We closely examine police reports, medical records and other information provided by your attorney. Police reports are important because they present us with a foundation for the entire case. Medical records offer precise details and an account of the injuries sustained.

These aspects help us in measuring how solid the ground is for your particular case. After weighing all of the factors, we are then able to make an educated decision regarding your application.

Do not be concerned, however, if you are missing part of the information we request — or if you are unable to understand exactly what the medical records and reports all mean. That’s our concern. It’s our area of expertise. From the various reports and from speaking with your attorney, we will discover what we need to know in helping you find your way out of an unpleasant situation you did not cause.

Give us a call today so we can get started immediately.

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What About Fees?

What sort of fees do we charge? This is a commonly asked question and the answers may surprise you. First off, you are not expected to pay anything up front. That wouldn’t make sense. PreSettlement Solutions will advance you emergency funding in order to relieve you of mounting financial stress; we don’t want to add to your dilemma by burdening you with more crippling payments. Our goal is to help, not to hinder you.

Simply put, it would be unfair to charge you fees up front when you already can’t afford them. Circumstances beyond your control have put you in this position. Your need is for immediate financial assistance and the sense of security that comes with it. Slapping you with yet another charge would only add to your worries. Therefore, we will not apply any fees until your case settles. Not until your settlement check is in hand, do we receive our share — which we will have negotiated with you previously.

A number of companies will also deduct “processing fees” from your initial advance – and then apply interest rates to that very charge. For example, a company agreeing to advance you $1,000 may also hit you for a 30% processing fee (in this case, $300).

You would then be dealt a check for the reduced  amount of  $700. But under these conditions, you would still have to pay interest on the entire $1,000 – though you never received that full amount with your advance. Do the math and ask yourself about those kinds of terms while in such a vulnerable position.

This is why the fees we charge are not  expected to be paid until your settlement check is in your hands. And our terms are all up front. There are no covert surprises.

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Why Pre Settlement Funding is So Crucial

p>Financial crises can strike at any time and no one is exempt. A debilitating accident can impair anyone’s ability to continue working while an onslaught of bills looms ahead.

Pre-settlement funding has emerged as the natural solution to that.

The pressure of nonstop bills and an ongoing parade of other financial burdens can result in a level of stress no one should have to endure. PreSettlement Solutions is a reliable source of financial rescue when you’re trapped in the legal quagmire of lawsuit settlement. Providing cash advances — while your lawyer untangles the red tape that threatens to strangle you — is our way of freeing you from that trap.

Call PreSettlement Solutions and relieve yourself of undue stress. It will also allow your attorney to do the job of settling personal injury claims effectively and in a timely fashion.

4 ways pre-settlement funding assists you:
-Pays your mortgage/rent

-Pays your medical bills

-Pays your auto loan

-Helps with day-to-day living expenses

Throughout history, financial struggles have persisted in every economy and always will. Fluke injuries can compound monetary responsibilities which are already demanding enough. Applying for an immediate cash advance from PreSettlement Solutions is a viable means of dealing with the unexpected.

Our interest rates are competitive, our customer service second to none. And if you don’t win your case, we don’t collect. You owe us absolutely nothing. We take a calculated risk in awarding you an emergency cash advance. The loss is ours to absorb if we calculate wrongly. We usually get it right though and it’s why we’re still here. It’s also why our clients are satisfied with our efforts on their behalf.


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Types of Cases We Accept

Where PreSettlement Solutions is well-known for advancing cash quickly to people in need, we are also known for the specific types of cases we take on:

  • Personal Injury/Negligence: Most of our advances involve personal injury cases. These include car
    accidents and other instances where people suffer serious injuries and need time to recover.
  • Premises Liability/Slips and Falls: If you are injured on someone else’s property, the owner of that property may be held responsible for your injury. We specialize in making that determination.
  • Medical Malpractice: If you are in the midst of a medical malpractice case, we may be able to help you out financially.
  • Workers Compensation (in some cases): If you’re injured at work and, depending on the types of legal proceedings that follow, you may qualify for a cash advance.

There are many ways PreSettlement Solutions can assist you in times of need. Our goal is to provide you with the means of a stress-free lifestyle and a path back to stability.


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What Separates Us From the Rest?

Two aspects of PreSettlement Solutions raise us above the rest of the field:

1.      Cash within 24 HOURS:
Once we approve your advance, a check is in your hands within 24 hours. Instead of waiting days — even weeks — for your cash, your return to financial stability begins the day you apply for it!. We recognize money can be tight at times. It’s why we refuse to make you wait any longer than necessary. We move quickly and efficiently to deliver those much-needed funds to you right away.

2.      Our excellent customer service:
Every company in the world boasts of “excellent customer service.” We demonstrate it. At PreSettlement Solutions, we’ve made a daily routine of alleviating the stress that accompanies emergency situations that bring people to us in the first place. Relieving you of financial stress will, in turn, relieve you of emotional stress. We take both pleasure and pride in doing just that!


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Process for Being Awarded a Cash Advance from PSS

p>The process for obtaining a lawsuit cash advance may often appear to be an overwhelming one. At PreSettlement Solutions we simplify that process with steps that are precise and clear and rooted in common sense. Plus, our direct language is not misleading or confusing.

Here is the step-by-step procedure we follow in determining whether we should award a cash advance:

  • Case Evaluation: We evaluate each case based on liability, damages, insurance coverage, pending litigation, and its current stage of development.
  • Requesting Information: We contact your attorney regarding key information about your case: how the accident occurred, the defendant’s insurance provider, medical records, etc.
  • Speak with your Attorney: We speak with your attorney so he may elaborate further on the particulars of your case.

In most instances, checks are sent within 24 hours of approving your application. In the span of a single day you are turning around the circumstances that all but crippled you financially. Peace of mind follows while your case is being settled and your life returns to normal. We also welcome any questions you may have during this entire process. Our customer service personnel also derive peace of mind …by helping you regain yours.


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The Difference Between an Advance and a Loan

Finding a source for money when it’s needed most is a situation people find themselves backed into at times. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to find a reliable company that will advance them the necessary funds. Either the monthly interest rates are too high or the company requires too high of a credit score. If this is your dilemma, PreSettlement Solutions may well be your answer.

  • PreSettlement Solutions deals in cash advances, not loans.
  • A loan is a sum of money one borrows from a company with the understanding that regardless of what happens, you will have to pay it back … and with interest.
  • An advance involves PreSettlement Solutions reserving a part of your future settlement as its payment.
  • If your case doesn’t settle, you owe us nothing.
  • Your credit scores, past bankruptcies, etc. will not play a factor in the process of determining whether you can obtain an advance.

Advances and loans are thought to be one and the same… but you can see they are not.

As with loans, pre-settlements provide emergency funds for people — but with no strings attached that could ultimately wind up strangling the borrower financially. A loan must be paid back, regardless of outcome! A pre-settlement cash advance is yours to keep … regardless of outcome. The risk is ours. If your case doesn’t settle in your favor, we lose out – not you. PreSettlement Solutions only makes money if you do. Call today and we will explain any aspect of this that is not fully clear.

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Your Financial Past

Your past financial problems do not effect your ability to obtain a cash advance from PreSettlement Solutions. We provide lawsuit cash advances against pending settlements. In essence, we buy a part of your settlement. Just because you have bad credit or happen to be unemployed does not mean that we can’t help you. A major benefit of our company is that if you don’t win your case, we don’t collect. That’s the main reason why your credit history and job status do not affect our potential relationship.

We want to help you through your tough legal process. That’s the reason we’re here. We aid people who temporarily have no reliable source of income due to their injuries. We even advance money if you only need it for a week or two. We do everything in our power to help. Our excellent customer service shines through during your difficult times in the form of guidance, understanding, and most importantly, cash.

Having money to pay your rent will no longer be a struggle. Filling up your tank with gas instead of putting a little in at a time won’t be an issue. Most importantly, not being able to sleep due to your mind racing about your financial issues will be a distant memory. So let us do our job and help you get back on your feet until your case settles. We’re here to help you.

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