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Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Loans

As a pre settlement funding company, we provide lawsuit loans for both plaintiffs and attorneys to help you in a time of need.  We understand that lawsuit proceedings can drag on at times, and insurance companies tend to prolong negotiations, forcing you into a smaller settlement because of your current financial state.

Here are some examples of case types for which we provide lawsuit funding:

With the help of a lawsuit cash advance from PSS, you can take the time that you and your attorney need in order to obtain the best outcome for your lawsuit settlement. Our excellent, hands-on customer service allows you to feel comfortable in understanding our lawsuit loans process.


The process of applying for and obtaining a cash advance from PreSettlement Solutions is quick and easy. You could have a pre settlement cash advance in your hands within 24 hours of your initial phone call!


Most of the lawsuit loans or cash advances that we provide are for lawsuits that are linked to some form of personal injury.  Personal injury cases can take months, even years, to achieve a settlement.  We want to make sure that you never feel helpless while you’re unable to work or behind on bills. Instead of suffering financially while you wait for a lawsuit settlement, PreSettlement Solutions can bridge your financial gap until your case settles with pre settlement funding.  We provide non-recourse cash advances that help plaintiffs and attorneys stay monetarily secure during drawn out lawsuits.  Contact us now to learn more about our litigation funding.

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