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pedestrian accidents

There are many ways that a pedestrian could sustain an injury.

Examples range from a car hitting you while crossing the street to a bicyclist injuring you on a hiking trail.  Whatever the case may be, accidents involving pedestrians are common and may result in very serious injuries.  Lawsuits can take months if not years to settle.  Financial issues arise if the injury causes you to miss work.  PreSettlement Solutions can help you maintain monetary security and obtain a pre settlement loan until your case settles.


Other examples of lawsuits for which we provide pre settlement cash advances are:


There are many ways that PreSettlement Solutions can help you in your time of need.

Our ultimate goal is to help you through the tough times you may experience during your lawsuit. Being injured is terrible, but the stress that can come with trying to navigate the legal system on top of medical and legal fees can be overwhelming. Pedestrians injures are common and occur frequently in major cities across the united states, in San Francisco over 500 pedestrians were injured or killed in 2013 alone. A PreSettlement advance can give you some financial breathing room in order to make the best long term decisions possible. Give us a call, and we’ll get you moving in the right financial direction with a settlement funding advance.

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