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Workers Compensation

If you were injured while working, PreSettlement Solutions can help you with a workers’ compensation loan.

People are often injured on the job.  Maybe you were hit by a falling cinder block at a construction site or you slipped on a puddle of oil at your job at an auto shop.  Whatever the situation may be, PreSettlement Solutions can help you get through the tough times with workers’ compensation loans, cash advances & Litigation Funding while you’re physically unable to work and until your case settles.

When you are injured at work you should be aware of your rights. Talk to your legal advisor about how to ensure your job security after you file a claim and how to continue to earn wages at your place of business. However in some situations, you are unable to return to work, this may be due to a severe injury or employer conflict after an injury. If you need money now to relieve the financial pressure of a workers compensation lawsuit then call PreSettlement solutions.

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