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Is a pre settlement cash advance a loan?

No.  A cash advance means that we purchase a portion of your future settlement.  If your lawsuit doesn’t settle, you owe us nothing.


Are there any up-front fees for funding a lawsuit?

No.  Nothing is paid until your lawsuit settles.

For which types of lawsuits does PSS provide settlement cash advances?

We advance cash for most types of injury lawsuits.  These include car accidents, negligence, slips and falls, medical malpractice, and workers compensation.

What information do I need in order to apply for a pre settlement cash advance?

You need your name, attorney’s name, and attorney’s phone number.   We work with your attorney to determine the strength of your lawsuit.


How long does the pre settlement funding process take?

You could have a check in your hands within 24 hours of your initial phone call!

How much money can I get for pre settlment funding?

We don’t have a minimum or maximum limit for pre settlment cash advances. Each lawsuit is judged individually.

Can I get more than one cash advance for a lawsuit?

Yes. We determine the strength of the lawsuit every time you apply for a cash advance and go from there.  For example, if you need another pre settlement cash advance after your initial lawsuit, we will determine if anything has changed in your case and decide whether or not we can provide you with another cash advance.


Can I pay off the amount due for my cash advance before my lawsuit is over?

Absolutely.  You can pay back your pre settlement cash advance whenever you desire.

Can I get a cash advance if I am unemployed, have bad credit, or previously filed for bankruptcy?

Yes.  Because we work with non-recourse funding, we are in essence buying a portion of your future lawsuit settlement.  Therefore, your credit and/or job history does not play any role when determining your pre settlement funding.

Do you get involved in my lawsuit?

No.  Once we provide you with a cash advance, our involvement ends until your lawsuit settles.

Does PreSettelement Solutions provide legal funding in my state?

We provide lawsuit funding for many types of cases in almost every state.  For information on your specific state, please contact us today.

What is non-recourse funding?

Non-recourse funding means that you do not have to pay the cash back if your case does not end in a settlement.

What if I lose my lawsuit?

Because we provide non-recourse cash advances, if you lose your case, you owe us nothing!

What is the process of obtaining pre settlement funding?

1) Fill out our online application or call (877) 893-7421 and provide us with your name, your attorney’s name, and your attorney’s phone number.
2) After receiving your information, we will speak to your attorney to determine the strength of your case, including going over police reports and medical records, as well as insurance and medical bill information.
3) We will then determine whether or not we can provide you with a pre settlement cash advance.
4) Once approved, we will send a contract to your attorney’s office.  After you and your attorney sign the contract, the cash is yours!

What states do you provide funding?

PreSettlement Solutions is NOT able to fund cases in the states:

Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and North Carolina