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Legal Funding is a Viable and Effective Solution

PreSettlement Solutions is a company that provides emergency funding for people who are struggling financially and forced into contending with the pressure off expenses they had not anticipated. This situation may be due, in part, to our current nationwide economic situation – or simply from bills that are piling up at a pace faster than household incomes can match.

Regardless of the cause, the bills are relentless. Lawsuit loans can offer a credible way out.

Auto accident cases are some of the most trying lawsuits to endure. Generally, a plaintiff has been injured and cannot retain employment. This results in a combination of mounting financial and emotional stress. In many cases, the plaintiff is a victim of someone else’s reckless behavior and winds up suffering from medical problems that impair the ability to hold down a steady job. In the meantime, bills continue to pour in while impatient creditors continue to call, demanding payment. Few people know there is a viable way out of this sad dilemma. PreSettlement Solutions offers such a way out to our clients.

Usually, however, our clients come to us after experiencing the futility of other options.

Obtaining a loan from family or friends can be a very difficult and awkward situation which most people prefer to avoid. Acquiring a line of credit from a bank can be extremely difficult and frustrating if the potential borrower lacks a solid credit score. When shaky options such as these have all been exhausted, our potential clients then approach us. That’s when they discover that PreSettlement Solutions should have been their first choice. Here’s why:

Our services allow people to stay in the comfort of their homes and remain afloat while their cases are being settled. And PreSettlement Solutions awards its clients cash advances that are uncomplicated and simple to process. Apply now using the easy form to the right for your legal loan.

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  1. Vicki January 17, 2013

    I asked my attorney for help contacting a company who would be able to help me with a loan against my settlement. He avoided answering my request until this last month where he replied that it would be unethical of him to do that. My internet use isonly time at the library and limited. Today I found your company and your opening statement was the story of my last 5 years of stress and worry added to my chronic pain.

    Thank you for giving me hope , with your help, I can make it through the last months of this settlement nightmare.

    Vicki / SLC., UT.

  2. Daniel Pearl February 21, 2013

    Yes, legal funding is better solution for those who have pending lawsuits and don’t have good credit. Because to get bank loan, the person should have good credit score and he has pay back whether he wins or not.


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