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Talking to your attorney about lawsuit financing

Your attorney should be among the very first of those you contact when dealing with an accident or any sort of situation where legalities are involved. Whether it’s a car collision, a severe fall, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation … you never want to proceed without benefit of legal consultation. And if a presettlement cash advance is tentatively on your agenda, it is imperative that you first inform your attorney of your intentions — and that you insist on direct communication with the company on both your parts. This way, neither you, nor your attorney wind up being surprised by actions taken without a knowledgeable discussion that involves all of you.

LawyerThe questions posed by your attorney to a presettlement firm’s representative will likely vary from the ones you ask. Yours will be in accordance with your immediate financial needs, how the company can help you in dealing with them, and what will be expected of you should you opt to go with an emergency cash advance; your attorney will probe for explanations and answers regarding your personal liability should you enlist the services of the presettlement group. And that is precisely what you want! You and your attorney will both be pleased to learn the overwhelming advantage of going the route of an emergency cash advance, as all risks fall entirely on the company that makes those funds available. You both will learn that the only one risking a potential loss is the presttlement firm because there is no payback of the advance, and no payment at all to them if you don’t win your case. With that in mind, you have the instant cash awarded to you for the purpose of avoiding what could have been a financial crisis – and your attorney can then get on with the business of addressing the complexities of your case.

The advantages of emergency cash advances from presettlement firms do not stop with your own expenses though. Those same advantages can be afforded your attorney. Litigation packs a full compliment of expenses in itself …some of them unforeseen. Successful attorneys make an excellent living for themselves, but even they are not endowed with a boundless source of income. The financial demands of a very serious case can stretch any law firm thin and that can compromise the outcome.

No one – plaintiff or attorney – wants to be forced into taking a far lesser settlement (or even an unexpected loss) due to time or financial demands Cash flowtranscending your ability to pursue the case properly. Often, a bundle of costs can emerge: the need for important expert witnesses, further research, key consultants — any of these abrupt factors capable of blindsiding your legal proceedings and threatening the outcome of the case.

In such instances, attorneys, too, may apply for an immediate cash advance and be awarded one that will prove to be a godsend. And, as with the emergency funds provided to the plaintiff by the presettlement firm, this same type of cash advance is your attorney’s to use for the case … free of the pressure of payback. You and your attorney must record a victory in order for the presettlement company to collect its eventual payment – which comes in the form of its purchasing a predetermined percentage of your winnings. And the most significant factor of all is that neither you, nor your attorney, are wanting for money as your case goes through the legal arena.  You are a comfortable spectator, watching your attorney function as a fully equipped soldier on your behalf.

The only one sweating is the presettlement firm taking all the financial risk … though that likely won’t be much of a concern if its staff has done its job by effectively analyzing your case from the onset. A credible and reputable firm does exactly that.

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