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What About Fees?

What sort of fees do we charge? This is a commonly asked question and the answers may surprise you. First off, you are not expected to pay anything up front. That wouldn’t make sense. PreSettlement Solutions will advance you emergency funding in order to relieve you of mounting financial stress; we don’t want to add to your dilemma by burdening you with more crippling payments. Our goal is to help, not to hinder you.

Simply put, it would be unfair to charge you fees up front when you already can’t afford them. Circumstances beyond your control have put you in this position. Your need is for immediate financial assistance and the sense of security that comes with it. Slapping you with yet another charge would only add to your worries. Therefore, we will not apply any fees until your case settles. Not until your settlement check is in hand, do we receive our share — which we will have negotiated with you previously.

A number of companies will also deduct “processing fees” from your initial advance – and then apply interest rates to that very charge. For example, a company agreeing to advance you $1,000 may also hit you for a 30% processing fee (in this case, $300).

You would then be dealt a check for the reduced  amount of  $700. But under these conditions, you would still have to pay interest on the entire $1,000 – though you never received that full amount with your advance. Do the math and ask yourself about those kinds of terms while in such a vulnerable position.

This is why the fees we charge are not  expected to be paid until your settlement check is in your hands. And our terms are all up front. There are no covert surprises.

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