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Exactly what is Pre Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding – also known as lawsuit cash advances – may appear difficult to understand, so if you’re a little confused by it all, you’re not alone. The situations where these types of advances come into play vary, but the cause is usually the same: someone else is at fault for the injury and suffering you are forced to endure. A company such as PreSettlement Solutions reviews and investigates your case – quickly and thoroughly as is our reputation – and then advances you enough money to carry you through the mire of difficulties that might otherwise overwhelm you during the settlement phase.

Although companies charge monthly interest rates on the funds they advance, it is essential to have access to that money when you need it. A lawsuit cash advance allows an attorney to do the job properly and without having to settle a case prematurely due to financial roadblocks.

You have two options if you’re struggling financially.  You can settle early – engaging in a “quick fix” in order to escape the monetary pitfalls that loom in front of you; or you can consider a lawsuit cash advance.  The latter allows your court case to progress smoothly and in a timely fashion, potentially increasing your settlement. Obtaining a lawsuit cash advance also helps you enjoy a stress-free lifestyle throughout the complex legal process.

PreSettlement Solutions is an established company with hundreds of satisfied clients and years of impeccable service. Our clientele will verify the positive experiences they have had with our clear paths of communication and effective, amiable customer service.  If you are in a financial bind due to personal injury or other legal matters — and with a pending settlement – please contact us.  We will discuss your situation thoroughly and find the best scenario to move you forward and out of your stressful financial state.


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