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What Separates Us From the Rest?

Two aspects of PreSettlement Solutions raise us above the rest of the field:

1.      Cash within 24 HOURS:
Once we approve your advance, a check is in your hands within 24 hours. Instead of waiting days — even weeks — for your cash, your return to financial stability begins the day you apply for it!. We recognize money can be tight at times. It’s why we refuse to make you wait any longer than necessary. We move quickly and efficiently to deliver those much-needed funds to you right away.

2.      Our excellent customer service:
Every company in the world boasts of “excellent customer service.” We demonstrate it. At PreSettlement Solutions, we’ve made a daily routine of alleviating the stress that accompanies emergency situations that bring people to us in the first place. Relieving you of financial stress will, in turn, relieve you of emotional stress. We take both pleasure and pride in doing just that!


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