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The Difference Between an Advance and a Loan

Finding a source for money when it’s needed most is a situation people find themselves backed into at times. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to find a reliable company that will advance them the necessary funds. Either the monthly interest rates are too high or the company requires too high of a credit score. If this is your dilemma, PreSettlement Solutions may well be your answer.

  • PreSettlement Solutions deals in cash advances, not loans.
  • A loan is a sum of money one borrows from a company with the understanding that regardless of what happens, you will have to pay it back … and with interest.
  • An advance involves PreSettlement Solutions reserving a part of your future settlement as its payment.
  • If your case doesn’t settle, you owe us nothing.
  • Your credit scores, past bankruptcies, etc. will not play a factor in the process of determining whether you can obtain an advance.

Advances and loans are thought to be one and the same… but you can see they are not.

As with loans, pre-settlements provide emergency funds for people — but with no strings attached that could ultimately wind up strangling the borrower financially. A loan must be paid back, regardless of outcome! A pre-settlement cash advance is yours to keep … regardless of outcome. The risk is ours. If your case doesn’t settle in your favor, we lose out – not you. PreSettlement Solutions only makes money if you do. Call today and we will explain any aspect of this that is not fully clear.

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