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Your Financial Past

Your past financial problems do not effect your ability to obtain a cash advance from PreSettlement Solutions. We provide lawsuit cash advances against pending settlements. In essence, we buy a part of your settlement. Just because you have bad credit or happen to be unemployed does not mean that we can’t help you. A major benefit of our company is that if you don’t win your case, we don’t collect. That’s the main reason why your credit history and job status do not affect our potential relationship.

We want to help you through your tough legal process. That’s the reason we’re here. We aid people who temporarily have no reliable source of income due to their injuries. We even advance money if you only need it for a week or two. We do everything in our power to help. Our excellent customer service shines through during your difficult times in the form of guidance, understanding, and most importantly, cash.

Having money to pay your rent will no longer be a struggle. Filling up your tank with gas instead of putting a little in at a time won’t be an issue. Most importantly, not being able to sleep due to your mind racing about your financial issues will be a distant memory. So let us do our job and help you get back on your feet until your case settles. We’re here to help you.

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